Frequent questions


Is building permit required for this holiday kub-house?

Yes, even if it is planned to be placed on pillars, this building needs building permission.

Who can join the rentakub network?

Anyone who owns a land in a tourist area or in a tourist town. The product is highly recommended to those who have a piece of land in their yard and want to make it profitable by starting this mini-tourism business.

How much does a cub cost?

At this moment we have 3 models of cubes available for network entry, between 35 and 70 m2. One kub has two price variants, a preferential price for entering the rentakub network and a purchase price without entry into the network. You can get the price here.

Where can a kub be seen?

Pilot Kub can be visited near Bacau. Those who are interested in joining the network can spend one night as our guests in these kub. At Rasnov there is also a personalized, custom-made KUB UP, accessible on the basis of a pre-established meeting. Starting June, we will mount a 45 KUB at Baile 1 Mai, Bihor during the construction site.


Where are kub holiday homes at this time?

At this time, besides the pilot cub from Bacau, there are also kuburi under construction at Rasnov and Baile 1 Mai Oradea. But more firm commitments to enter the network in the summer of 2018 in Constanta, Tulcea, Iasi. We will keep you updated with any newly registered holiday home.