We went to hike


The same.

Because we must and especially because we can. Because we have new experiences and ideas, feelings and consciousness. But first of all because we have a country with people and places we think we know almost everything, but do not cease to be surprised a little every day. For all this we decided to cut the ribbon of a new concept today.

We could say a tourist concept, but we will not. Because that’s more than that. This concept is a manifesto.

A manifest against the beaten paths so often, and which often carry us through the places where others were before us. These trajections of our tendency to imitate what we hear or see in others have made it possible for Bulgaria or Greece to hear Romanian speaking at every step, while our villages where eternity or even our cities and fairs were born are wasting the beauty and warmth of the inhabitants’ heart.

A manifest against classicism in hotel tourism, inclusive of transport included, “departure will take place at …”, “kiss your hand, you do not have a room overlooking …”, table tickets or ridiculous bracelets that allow us to drink and eat, “so I ate three days in bed” …

A manifesto against so many stereotypes that become troublesome, especially because of their increasingly cold relationship with the truth: “there is not like us,” “out there (sic!) Is a bull clean-up,” like ” “They’re cheaper than us,” and others that are not worth mentioning because they are vulgar and bad taste.

Now, in a century of the Great Union, we are more aware than ever that it is up to us to succeed. And, to say big words, “by ourselves”! Because the big words are great because they have to be said.

Ecokit and Avenir Concept, two Romanian partners, get their hands on investing in a new concept of “more than tourism”, a concept of awareness of the resources and natural, economic, social and human potential that are still untapped in Romania.

For details of what this new concept proposes and offers, just browse through the pages of this portal. In short, it is about the beauty and nobility of wood as a building material, about the savor and freshness of a morning in nature, country or city, sea, delta, hillside, hill or mountain. About warmth and hospitality, about family and being together, about knowing people at home. About choosing a destination away from hotel chains and parking where you only enter if you are lucky.

It’s about thousands of stars and comfort. Increased exponential comfort. To the cube!